Review: Prozzäk – Forever 1999

Artist: Prozzäk Album: Forever 1999 Label: Lefthook/Tropicalista Genre: Dance / Electronic Release Date: March 31, 2017 Letter Grade: B- Written by Maggie Harder Editor's Note: You can check out Warren's interview with Prozzäk coming this Thursday on The Party Podcast. Download and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud! The iconic, 90’s cartoon duo is... Continue Reading →

Review: July Talk – Touch

Artist: July Talk Album: Touch Label: Sleepless Records Genre: Indie Rock Release Date: September 9, 2016 Letter Grade: B Written by Warren Gordon The highly anticipated sophomore effort, Touch, from the Toronto-based July Talk dropped this past year with an explosive single, “Push + Pull,” that rose up in the alternative charts across Canada. July... Continue Reading →

Review: The Darcys – Centerfold

Artist: The Darcys Album: Centerfold Label: Arts and Crafts Genre: Electro Pop-Rock Release Date: November 4, 2016 Letter Grade: A Written by Maggie Harder The Darcys are a two-piece electro pop-rock band from Toronto, Ontario, who released a new 80’s-inspired album, Centerfold, last November. Their first album was “Endless Water” in 2007, with Centerfold now... Continue Reading →

Review: Repartee – All Lit Up

Artist: Repartee Album: All Lit Up Label: Sleepless Records Genre: Electro-Pop Release Date: 2016 Letter Grade: B- Written by Maggie Harder This year, Newfoundland-based electro-pop band Repartee released their new, energetic album, All Lit Up. This is their second album, carrying a familiar Tegan and Sara sound. Spunky, upbeat and chill, Repartee fits perfectly into... Continue Reading →

Review: Arkells – Morning Report

Artist: Arkells Album: Morning Report Label: Last Gang Records Genre: Alternative Rock Release Date: August 5, 2016 Letter Grade: A+ Editor's Note: This is also one of my favourite albums of the year and has been regarded backstage at "The Party" as a fantastic release. Arkells need to come on The Party, we love y'all!... Continue Reading →

Review: Adam Baxter – Clean Hands

Artist: Adam Baxter Album: Clean Hands Label: Citadel House Records Genre: Folk-pop / Indie-rock Release Date: July 22, 2016 Letter Grade: A Written by Warren Gordon The release of Adam Baxter's Clean Hands is one I have been anticipating for quite some time. I have been a fan of Baxter since he first walked into... Continue Reading →

Review: Liteyears – American Towns

Artist: Liteyears Album: American Towns Label: Wirth Bros. Music Genre: Rock/Alternative-Pop Release Date: 2016 Letter Grade: A- Written by Maggie Harder Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Liteyears brings an upbeat sound to the pop-rock stage. Their debut album, American Towns, has a feel-good mood mood tied in with powerful rock tunes. With a sound similar to... Continue Reading →

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