Review: Everyday Evils – Looks Like You’ve Led the Horse to Water

Artist: Everyday Evils
Album: Looks Like You’ve Led the Horse to Water
Label: Independent
Genre: Rock/Punk-Rock
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Letter Grade: A-

Written by Maggie Harder

This peppy punk-rock band is making their voice heard with their second fast and loud release, Looks Like You’ve Led the Horse to Water, their first being Aging—an RPM album—released in 2015.

They start out with, “You Are Michael Bay,” an in-your-face track ironically eluding to when things you didn’t think would blow up explode in your face. It’s upfront in the best way possible. Strong electric guitar, passionate drums and feisty lyrics wrap up a perfect intro.

They follow up with, “Cat and Mouse.” It’s full of fiery and prominent electric guitar, but the hint of cymbals and bells keep the punk rock mood and make it completely unique to Everyday Evils. Their sound reminds me a lot of Panic! At the Disco and Marianas Trench. The lyrics in this one are more uplifting, all about taking every bit of life and making it count.

Next is, “Ghost Heart,” a rich, drum-filled tune that really brings out their punk sound. I have synesthesia, which means the parts of my brain that hold my 5 senses are more closely connected than average. In my case, my visual and auditory senses are very closely related, so different sounds make me think for different colours. This song had lots of dark blues and greens, which I typically associate with deeper sounds. “Ghost Heart” lyrics felt very adrenaline fueled, highlighting angst in this genre of music.

“Maiden Voyage,” the last song of the album, is the token slow song of Looks Like You’ve Led the Horse to Water. The vocals in this song seem to have dialed up the passion to 1000, which I absolutely love. The tune itself hits the spot—everything ties together into the perfect song. All the other songs were full of fieriness as well, but this one really stood out. You can really tell that Everyday Evils are pouring their hearts into their music, and through the lyrics you can sense how hard they’ve worked to make a name for themselves.

Overall, Everyday Evils are a hard-working group of musicians with a lot to give the music scene. The only reason I gave it an A- rather than an A+ is that some of the songs I didn’t completely fall in love with, but were still enjoyable. I’m looking forward to what’s next for this blossoming punk-rock band.


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