Review: Prozzäk – Forever 1999

Artist: Prozzäk
Album: Forever 1999
Label: Lefthook/Tropicalista
Genre: Dance / Electronic
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Letter Grade: B-

Written by Maggie Harder

Editor’s Note: You can check out Warren’s interview with Prozzäk coming this Thursday on The Party Podcast. Download and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud!

The iconic, 90’s cartoon duo is making a comeback. Prozzäk were a massive internet sensation twenty years ago, and to bring back the nostalgia have created this optimistic dance album, Forever 1999.

I’ll admit, before Warren (the fantabulous host and founder of The Party), suggested I review this album, I had never heard of Prozzäk before. I also wasn’t born in the 90’s, so I don’t have the same nostalgia as him and other 90’s-born friends. In many ways I’m coming into this as a “clean slate,” though I most definitely know a 90’s sound when I hear it.

Prozzäk starts off with a classic, peppy electronic-guitar song, “Love Me Tinder.”  The track adds a hint of 90’s flare into a modern pop sound. The lyrics are cheesy and of the “looking for love” variety, but catchy. It’s the perfect track for when you’re feeling good and want to keep the energy.

They follow with “All Of The Feels,” another lively dance tune with a continuous 90’s flare and a dose of delicacy.

Prozzäk heightens the intensity with, “Love Fools Anonymous.” This one is significantly more modern, to the point of leaving little to no trace of 90’s. The 90’s absence isn’t a bad thing though, it’s refreshing to have the varying shades of nostalgia and current music culture.

“If We Were In The Jungle,” is slightly similar to, “Love Fools Anonymous” with it’s intensity, though I didn’t enjoy this one as much. The lyrics are quite repetitive and don’t hold much meaning. I found the tune to be quite similar to Icona Pop’s sound, so if you’re a fan of Icona Pop this one might be for you!

“Forever 1999” acts as a staple freedom song, talking about youth, nostalgia and being teens in love. This song is about 50/50 when it comes to the balance of 90’s and Present-day sound. People who often find themselves reminiscing about the 90’s will adore the reminiscence this song brings about.

I didn’t enjoy “Pussy Cat Pussy Cat” very much, it was a bit similar to “If We Were In The Jungle”. It had a slightly predatory feel that didn’t resonate with me very well, but the chorus was catchy.

“Ooh La La” throws in little bits of 90’s here and there, but the chorus seemed out of place. It’s a little odd, but if you really love the more unique side of pop music this one could be for you.

I didn’t like,“Hot” as much either. As the feminist I am, I couldn’t help but notice how much it objectified women. Though the intent of the song wasn’t to be sexist in any way, it wasn’t necessarily the best portrayal of women in media. The lyrics were also quite receptive, which didn’t help much.

“Can’t Lick This Love Thing,” is a cute, upbeat song with the perfect balance of the eras. The voice is also much more delicate than in some of the previous songs, which lightens the mood quite a lot. The lyrics, like the title, are about not being able to shake those magical little butterflies.

Prozzäk finishes strong with, “Adaptation,” my favourite song on the album. The lyrics are meaningful and bittersweet in the best way, the tune is light and rich, and the voice is sensitive. The honesty and vulnerability puts the cherry on top and stirs in a hint of empowerment.

Overall, Forever 1999 carries a wide variety of 90’s beats, present-day tunes and lyrical love stories. There’s something in it for everyone, whether you’re in love with 90’s nostalgia, love today’s pop music, or you’re somewhere in between.


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