Review: July Talk – Touch

Artist: July Talk
Album: Touch
Label: Sleepless Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: September 9, 2016
Letter Grade: B

Written by Warren Gordon

The highly anticipated sophomore effort, Touch, from the Toronto-based July Talk dropped this past year with an explosive single, “Push + Pull,” that rose up in the alternative charts across Canada. July Talk’s first self-titled record garnered them their very first Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year.

But, the question on everyone’s mind—Would they live up to the previous record?

“Picturing Love,” kicks off the album in all the right ways. It is smart. It is sexy. It definitely is a July Talk song. I can already picture Peter and Leah belting this out at a bar in downtown Toronto to a riled-up crowd. The music video for, “Picturing Love,” is just as intoxicating as the song itself. The wild shots and angles take you on a visual journey that you can’t find in a porn video.

The album continues on with stand-out songs such as “Beck + Call” and “Push + Pull” which hold that trademark July Talk sound. Both plus-sign labelled songs breathe rock and roll life into the album and is exactly what the listeners came for.

“Lola + Joseph,” is perhaps my favourite tune from Touch. It is not very often you get a story song from modern rock groups that sticks with you way past first listen. It constantly finds itself blaring out of my speakers. The track is equal parts rock and provocative, and doesn’t leave much to the imagination—but that’s just how July Talk rolls.

The issue I had with the rest of the album was that there are a number of skippable songs on there. On multiple listens, I find myself skipping to “my jams” as opposed to enjoying the entire record for what it’s worth. And that’s perfectly okay, in a music age where singles dominate all. However, I do not feel that Touch is a “whole” album, like it’s predecessor, if you get where I’m coming from. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some July Talk, and I will definitely be first in line for their next Toronto dates. July Talk’s shows are none to be missed. But, Touch left me with less “party” and more “eh, it happened.”


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