Review: The Darcys – Centerfold

Artist: The Darcys
Album: Centerfold
Label: Arts and Crafts
Genre: Electro Pop-Rock
Release Date: November 4, 2016
Letter Grade: A

Written by Maggie Harder

The Darcys are a two-piece electro pop-rock band from Toronto, Ontario, who released a new 80’s-inspired album, Centerfold, last November. Their first album was “Endless Water” in 2007, with Centerfold now being their fifth.

They start out strong with the first song of the album, “Studio City,” a token mystery-girl, synth-rock tune. The album flows into, “Miracle,” easily my favourite song of the album. Lyrics about testing chance and first-instinct wrap around a full-bodied, 80’s sound with a modern electro spin. This song brings to light a Daft Punk feel, which appears throughout the album.

“San Diego,” pours the desperate anticipation of depending on love into a base-heavy electro masterpiece. “Virtual Reality” changes it up a bit, keeping the same vintage-pop vibe with a peppy beat. Imagine if Arkells went electro, and you would have The Darcys.

The album carries a chill, tech-y vibe throughout, giving it a twist with each song. “Coming Up For Air,” keeps the laid-back base with bright synth accents, and, “I Want It All” pairs The Darcys staple sound with a punchy techno rhythm. They finish off with, “Lip Service,” a relaxed, hearty synth song about love frustrations.

Centerfold is a wonderfully crafted album that can be enjoyed by multiple genre fans. There are hints of eclectic, electronic, vintage-pop, alternative-rock and synth-pop woven into every tune, and it is a treat to witness.

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