Review: Arkells – Morning Report

Artist: Arkells
Album: Morning Report
Label: Last Gang Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: August 5, 2016
Letter Grade: A+

Editor’s Note: This is also one of my favourite albums of the year and has been regarded backstage at “The Party” as a fantastic release. Arkells need to come on The Party, we love y’all!

Written by Maggie Harder

From Hamilton, Ontario, the Arkells have been an integral part of Canadian rock music. Morning Report, their fourth album, easily lives up to Jackson Square, Michigan Left and High Noon, their three fantastic previously-released albums.

Each song stimulates a new story and a new feeling, starting with, “Drake’s Dad,”— the true story behind a wild trip with friends + Drake’s real dad, paired with powerful vocals from Max Kerman and flawless backing sound from Mike DeAngelis, Anthony Carone, Dan Griffin, Nick Dika and Tim Oxford.

“And Then Some,” my favourite song of the year, comes from Morning Report. The election was a really, really rough time and I needed a safe space. I would listen to the Arkells to calm down, and Warren, the host of The Party, sent me a list of acoustic versions of the songs. When the acoustic version of, “And Then Some,” started playing, my stress and sadness melted away. There is a certain honesty and authenticity in the lyrics I haven’t heard before. Since the day I first came across the song, the gentle guitar and soothing voice of Max Kerman has never failed to remind me to breathe deep and remember the good.

I could go on for hours about the magic of this album. Everything from, “My Heart’s Always Yours,” a beautiful heart-felt ballad, to, “A Little Rain,” the song that dances in the rain and smiles at the B.S., all ties together into an album that celebrates life and love with some epic tunes along the way.


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