Review: Rival Town – Call It Like It Is

Artist: Rival Town
Album: Call It Like It Is
Label: Manic Kat Records
Genre: Punk-Rock
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Letter Grade: B+

Written by Maggie Harder

Based in Thunder Bay/St. Catherines Ontario, Rival Town’s debut album, Call It Like It Is, brings a new wave of angst on the music scene. With a Panic! at the Disco feel, their music brings a fulfilling punk-rock mood, relatable lyrics and a sound unlike others on the rock stage.

Fast and loud, their first few songs full of raging heartbreak. The lyrics in, “Fallen for the Wrong Ones,” pouring the anger of bad love into passionate music, with every other song joining in on the intense serenade for fury. I got a teen-angst feel, which considering the stress of the world’s political situation right now, was actually pretty fulfilling. Rival Town keeps the noise, but slow it down in, “So Long”, giving a passionate goodbye to all the world’s B.S. My favourite was, “Bird Flu”, delivering the frustrations of giving up who you are. They keep the hype throughout the album, raging into guitars and drums with a fiery energy.

These guys channel their frustration with the misfortunes and misunderstandings of life and love into their music and it is totally cool. Would definitely recommend to any and all punk-rock lovers.

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